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See "Cloud Computing" at it's best!

Serving business leaders in the United States and Canada.
Replacing gaps & hazards of patchwork software

with complete high quality systems since 1996.
You can depend on us for plain talk about business software.

You can have the 'state of the art' business system that you want, with a long list of great features. Using today's technology, we can deliver affordable results for you. We specialize in delivering high performance business software so we can easily customize the right system for you. You will find these systems far exceed what you are doing now and the steps to get them in place, are 'what we do, every day'.


We offer great presentations on mainstream technology for your school or organization.

presentation.gif"SPAM" - its beginning, the battle today and hope for tomorrow

"800-Pound Gorillas" - how the big internet players like Google, Apple, IBM and Oracle have and will shape the internet's future, and what you can do to take advantage of the wave

"Three Generations of Computer Science" - there is rhyme and reason to the path of development, and businesses can prepare for long-term tech.

And More....


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