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Bryan Field - Systems Administrator



SurfN systems administrator Bryan Field loves to serve real-world clients in real-world tasks, making their jobs easier and more fun.


His gift, they say, is to see the big picture. He knows what they want before they explain it, though he has plenty of time to listen. Bryan automated SurfN's own systems, eliminating time-consuming repetition and giving him and the SurfN team more time for client orientation, often in person.


Bryan recently streamlined one longtime client's credit card system with SurfN's Pineapple Code. Gone are the days of pecking out numbers on a keypad, plus, the new system syncs multiple records, orders, and client histories. The customized software is intuitive for its users, and it's programmed to catch and prevent common human errors.


Bryan says his early, hardworking start helps him to understand his clients' values.


He became certified by Sun Microsystems as a Java programmer, a certification commonly taken by college graduates, at age 14. As a productive SurfN computer programmer of the Perl and JavaScript languages, Bryan works with front-end technology. One of his many accomplishments include writing an advanced reservation management system at 15, complete with calendar views, drag-and-drop capabilities, and online catalogs.

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